All About IELTS Listening Tests

Is there any stress-free way around any section in the IELTS test? The answer is, No. It is the modest reality. I recommend doing two things. One is to remain with the customary dosage of preparation exams, once you have completed the exam, recap the exam one week later. Second, listen to other external resources from websites. Try to apprehend what the news presenters and news articles say. Most IELTS practice material are taken from news articles and periodicals such as the Readers Digest, CNN, Fox, BBC, Nature and Guardian and then edited or graded to some degree. New material is not developed for the IELTS exam.

Exercise doing open book exams and then do a real exam. Try reading and listening at the same time and perceive how the conversation matches the Question paper. Then move on to real exams. Set Objective for quality rather than quantity at the start. Learning a new language is a developing skill, you can’t just get it all overnight. In fact, you have to exercise and exercise sensibly.

Here are some additional learning resources. Use them well....


This site is useful as you can make paper copies of the Question paper and listen to the recording. For more inferential learning, you can also download the audio script.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


IELTS Listening Exam Practice 1

IELTS Listening Exam Practice 2

 IELTS Listening Exam Practice 3

IELTS Listening Exam Practice 4


This resource offers more listening practice and some advice on note taking.

Exam English Practice Tests

This is a useful resource for quick practice. Please use this resource website for listening practice only.  

BBC 6 minute English - This website is AWESOME, GO HERE NOW !

Short listening tapes (approx. 6 minutes) with 1-2 questions that you can do while you listen for the  busy bee amongst you. You are also allowed to download the audioscript and test that you can complete in your free time which is fantastic. I can’t recommend this highly enough !

There are other different podcasts which you can listen to.

I hope you find the above resources useful.

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