All about IELTS test

It is basically an orientation event for your IELTS training. This article is not just for the IELTS test but more essentially, away from that. Take care of most of the tips. There will be many resources up on internet that you can use for practice and if you have a query about the IELTS test, post it up here as comments.

Now, a general question about IELTS, how to get a decent band score?  You, as a student are not here to be good, but to be the best. Not everything you do will look relevant in the class, not every home task you do will seem relevant. But, I guarantee you that to score more in your IELTS; you will need more than just answering preparation exam materials. The IELTS is a technique that can be honed and that only depends on how you as individual use English not just in class but what you do in everyday tasks.

The more you exercise learning English the better you will achieve. For example, in the writing section, the more you write, the better you will know about what not to do.

IELTS has 4 sections. The speaking exam is held either separately or on the same day.
Parts of the IELTS exam
Time taken
No of sections
30 minutes + 10 minutes transfer time
3 reading sections, 20 minutes each = 1 hour
Writing task 1 = 20 minutes
Writing task 2  = 40 minutes
11 - 14 minutes

I hope you find this information useful. Practice! Practice!! Every day! Every time!!

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