Suggested remedies from bullying and mobbing

Workplace bullying is the repeated and unreasonable behavior directed toward an employee or group of employees that creates a risk to health and safety. Mobbing is a form of bullying in which coworkers, subordinates or superiors gang up to force someone out of the workplace through humor, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and/or isolation. 
Suggested remedies include having an anti-bullying or workplace aggression policy that defines expectations for interpersonal relationships. Also taking corrective action against those engaged in bullying to encourage a culture of respect. Remedies for the person being bullied include speaking directly to the bullying and asking that the behavior stop, talking to a friend or coworker, keeping a diary of the specific behaviors and incidents, discussing the experience of bullying with the manager, and finally to file a formal complaint.

Individuals who engage in workplace violence frequently exhibit clear observable warning sings, which are often newly acquired behaviors. These warning signs include violent and threatening behavior, "strange" behavior such as becoming reclusive, performance problems, interpersonal problems, and indications that the person is "at the end of his (or her) rope." Triggering events - such as being fired, laid off, passed over for promotion, or having a personal crisis - is seen to the violent prone individual as the last straw that creates a mindset of no way out or no more options.

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