How to score 8.5 to 9.00 in IELTS

There is very rare and occasional example of scoring 9.00 in an IELTS test. However, it is not impossible and which takes an unbound practice over a period. But Scoring over 8 or 8.5 is rational and students around the world is scoring it very often. Academic test is different than General Test in certain respects. For example, in academic test READING 35-37 correct answers may show a good band (8 or above) where in General test READING 37-38 correct answers will give the same result or band. However, massive strategy should have taken to achieve this optimum score.

1. Skimming and Scanning- Read very fast and understand the inherent summary of a paragraph
2. Find the main keyword of each question and search for the answer. There may be a synonym of the keyword.
3. Be careful about NO and NOT GIVEN types
4. Avoid self assessment and be persistent with paragraph only
5. Fill in the blank with correct word (no synonym)
6. Don't keep unanswered if time is short. You will not be penalized for wrong answers, use inference
7.  If one answer is confusing, go to the Next


1. Practice, Practice and Practice hearing conversations
2. Be 100% attentive while listening
3. Read the questions fast and infer the answer in blank space; whether a plural, singular, noun, gerund, number, time etc.
4. See next if you miss one
5. For narrative answers (where a question has many big-sentenced answers), read the question ONLY and HEAR attentively to extract the answer. If you try to read entire sentence you will mismatch time.


This is a test of vocabulary and grammar usage:
1. Be careful of GRAMMAR(subject-verb agreement, plurals, genders, preposition etc.)
2. LEXICAL RESOURCES. Use Advanced English rather than Beginners.
3. Avoid REPEATING words- use synonym
4. Use VARIETY in sentence structure
5. Be consistent with questions' REQUIREMENTS
6. Do not write UNDER-worded topics, you will not be penalized for writing more than required words
7. Be alert using Linkers and modifiers
8. In letter writing, be sure of Opening and Closing salutations

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