Latest IELTS Questions-IDP Australia

Test Date:11/06/2011
Test Center: WINGS Bangladesh
Center Code: 040

IELTS Letter Writing: You were visited some travel spot and faced several problems with few facilities. Write a letter to the authority about the things you liked and the problems with facilities. The letter should contain
  • What are the things you liked most
  • The problems with facilities
  • The remedy you want
Writing Topics in 250 words: Crime is a major problem around the world. What are the causes do you think relevant to crime and what are the remedies to eliminate it.

Listening:  4 different sections on a student query, recycling of waste disposals, tutorial and discussions

General Reading: Matching 6 restaurants, a topic on coastal creatures

Speaking:  Traveling alone Vs. Traveling in a group (Cue card) advantages & disadvantages.

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