Spoken English is never so hard

Good grammar is a merchandise of our education system. In English language schooling, as in everything else, the school system puts a lot of emphasis on technical acquaintance. The problem is that, with the pressure to do everything correctly, we do not feel comfortable taking risks. And speaking English when you did not grow up with it is definitely a risk.

This is why almost every person who needs to do well in business in China goes on to take a spoken English course. Although you can find spoken English courses in China, they are not as popular as you might imagine. In order to really learn how to speak English fluently, it is necessary to get outside of China and go to a country where it is spoken as the native language.

That is why I decided to take a spoken English course at St. George academy, a small English language school in San Marino. I have wanted to learn to speak English fluently ever since I became attracted in Hollywood movies at the age of 16. There are all kinds of tools out there for learning English, but a lot of them are not worth all that much. One of my friends, for example, took a spoken English course online when we were teenagers. Because there was no one there to correct his speaking, it did him very little good, and cost his parents a lot of money as well! I knew that there was only one way to go about learning English: travel abroad and take some classes.

The spoken English course was one of the biggest challenges of my whole entire life. You see, participation was one of the main requirements. We were all required to try out each and ever sentence ourselves, and even to hold conversations with native English speakers. Although it was a little hard to do at first, soon I began to feel comfortable with the conversation sessions. I even made a few lasting friendships!

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