Why 1000 persons have learnt English Language

Why someone want to learn a new language is more or less an absolute necessity. Did you ask ever your mind how a language can change your life or lifestyle? May or may not, but I have an experience of interviewing 1000 persons who were taking language training in 20 different language institutes. 

Out of the trainees, many of them were in English language, some of them were in Spanish or German and a few in French. Korean and Chinese language trainees are not too less as I have thought before interviewing.

Major part of English language trainees were students who were intending to have their higher education in English speaking countries. They were not to really learn English but to score a IELTS band of 6.5 or above. Some of them were there to apply for Migration or Jobs in abroad while others were just to really learn for official use.

In fact, multilingual persons may have their Career  better than others who know a single language. As result, English has an career perspective role in non-native English speaking countries. Thus, many English training institute were established recently to meet the expanded demand. But a few institute were successful in training good English. British Council, Oxford, Barrons's, Cambridge and Kaplan having their track record up in training English language than other non branded institutes. 

Spanish, French and German were taken by many were just to have an added advantage in the countries to avail a comparatively better job or to communicate with foreign business delegates. These languages were not Migration oriented. While Korean and Chinese language takers were only for Job and communicate with foreign business partners.
Out of 1000 persons, 760 were taking English language, 95 in French language, 80 in German, 38 in Chinese and 27 in Korean language. I followed major part e.g 76% is in English who will ultimately establish the language as the dominating force even till many years to come.

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