Best IELTS Tips for Academic and General Tests

  1. Talk everyday what you see around you. For native English speakers this is easy. If not then use the resources on internet or other print or electronic media.
  2. Join an English language club where you can practice your speaking regularly.
  3. Listen to the radio, watch a movie, read a magazine or newspaper article every day, have a chat in English.
  4. Teach English Medium students, this will enhance English consumption.
  5. Join an online community where you can write English articles.
  6. Select an activity where English is a must.
  7. Forget what the shyness is! Don’t hesitate to express even the wrong ideas.
  8. Overcome mistakes. If you have a lot of mistakes then do the exercise again and again.
  9. Mind your grammar usage.
  10. Vocabulary intake should be natural habit.
Golden rules in IELTS test: 
Don’t forget it is an assessment of your English language skill.
  • The superior your English language abilities, the cooler it will be to approach the examination.
  • Only IELTS books and IELTS preparation examination is not the greatest way to prepare for the exam

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