IELTS Speaking Part 3?

Part 3 Two-way discussion
The examiner will ask you to participate in a discussion of more abstract issues linked to the topic of Part 2. You could for example be asked to talk about people’s eating habits, diets, fast food or genetically modified food as a thematic link to your talk on a restaurant in Part 2. The examiner could start the discussion in several ways e.g. ‘Tell me what you think about …’; ‘What in your opinion is …’ or ‘How would you compare ..’ etc.

You may be asked to relate the topic to a situation in your own country – that is Hong Kong.
You will be expected to be able to express your opinions and give reasons in this part and it is an opportunity to demonstrate your fluency as well as the range of your vocabulary and grammar.

You will also be expected to use language to clarify your meaning and repair any breakdowns in communication.

The questions will increase in difficulty slightly as this part of the test progresses. The examiner may begin by asking you to describe something and then move on to ask you to compare, evaluate or speculate.

How to do Part 3
• Remember there is no right or wrong answer. Don’t be afraid to say what you think about a topic.
• Try to give interesting responses to the examiner’s prompts.
Show your ability to express abstract ideas and support your opinions.
• Demonstrate a willingness to give extended responses. Don’t give one-word answers.
• Try to repair any breakdowns in communication by getting around a word you can’t think of or don’t know by using other words to express your meaning.
Give yourself time to think by using expressions like ‘I’ve not really thought about this before but ...

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