IELTS – Speaking Part 3 made easy

• Think about abstract issues related to the topics you have for Part 1 & 2. For example - school/teachers – qualities of a good teacher; learning styles; qualifications versus experience; face-to-face tuition versus on-line courses etc.
• Make it a habit to read English language newspapers – even the Metro News in the MTR is better than nothing! and watch the news reports and listen to the radio to keep up to date on everyday topics.
• Try to listen to or watch current affairs programmes e.g. Pearl Watch.
• Think about the language which will be useful e.g.
  •  language of comparison and contrast
  •  language to express opinions and give reasons
  •  language to speculate about the future
  •  language to discuss the hypothetical e.g. conditional sentences
• Try to take a current affairs issue every day and list all the vocabulary you would need to talk about it. Think about your opinion on the issue and think about opposing views.
• Find someone else doing the test and practice discussing current affairs topics, especially in relation to India.

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