New Question types and Sections in IELTS in 2013

There are four sections in the IELTS exam irrespective Academic version or the General Training version, They are:

Speaking part: The Speaking exam is a 3-part interview, done with the assessor. In this part of the examination you will require to do a self-introduction, speak on a specific subject for 1-2 minutes (with a preparation time of one minute), and participate in a conversation with the examiner on the subject you spoken about. This part might take you 11-14 minutes.

Listening part: The Listening part of the examination is for nearly 30 minutes and includes 40 questions spanning across four units (a dialogue, one monologue each on general and academic subjects, a dialogue among up to four persons). Each unit could be heard only once. A wide range of question forms is being used in assessing the listening abilities of the candidates including, multiple-choice, form/note/table/flow chart completion, matching, sentence completion, and short-answer questions.

Reading part: Reading part diverges for both Academic and General Training forms of the exam to appraise the varying requirements and levels of language usage in academic and daily lives. There are three parts in each of the forms, and 40 questions each to answer within approximately 60 minutes. A variety of question sorts like multiple-choice, short-answer, matching, and completion are used to evaluate the reading comprehension abilities of the candidates in academic and general /social contexts.

Writing part: Irrespective of IELTS Academic or General Training form, the writing fragment of the exam covers two writing tasks, which need to be completed within an hour. The Academic version of the exam requires you to use a formal style of writing, and the General Training form needs for a more casual and personal style of expression.

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