Is Right of resale by the seller available?

In a sale, the property is with the buyer and as such the seller ( in possession of goods after sale ) cannot resell the goods. If he does so, the subsequent buyer having knowledge of the previous sale does not acquire a title to the goods. The original buyer can sue and recover the goods from the third person as owner, and can also sue the seller for the breach of contract as well as for the tort of conversion. 
The right to recover the goods from the third person is, however, lost if the subsequent buyer had bought them bonafide without notice of the previous sale (Sec. 30).

In an agreement to sell, the property in the goods remains with the seller and as such he can dispose of the goods as he likes and the original buyer can sue him for the breach of contract only. In this case, the subsequent buyer gets a good title to the goods, irrespective of his knowledge of previous sale. 
Further, goods forming the subject matter of an agreement to sell can also be attached in execution of a decree of a court of law against the seller.

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