What are the five facets of job satisfaction?

The two components of hope are mental willpower and way-power. Mental willpower describes a person’s determination to complete or engage in a task. Way-power is a person’s “road map” towards achievement.

Five facets of job satisfaction are: pay, security, social, supervisory, and growth satisfaction.

Employees who are highly satisfied with their jobs come to work regularly and are less likely to take sick days. In addition job satisfaction has been linked to employees staying on the job and low job turnover. Since a high turnover rate is very costly to a company, it is beneficial to foster a high sense of job satisfaction in employees.

A strong organizational commitment is characterized by a support of and acceptance of the organization's goals and values, a willingness to exert considerable effort on behalf or the organization, and a desire to remain with the organization. Examples are the Container Store, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and JC Penney.

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