Windows 10 Pro-The different editions of Windows 10 released

The different editions of Windows 10 revealed. Windows Pro 10, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise ... Microsoft Windows 10 presented different versions of its future OS, and their characteristics.

Microsoft has just lifted the veil on the different editions of Windows Future 10. They are available according to the public (professional and consumer) and terminal types:

Windows 10 Home will be adapted to PCs, tablets and large hybrid terminals marketed to the general public.

Windows 10 Mobile is a cut editing, it, for terminals 8 inches and under (smartphones and small tablets). It will be delivered with the Office version optimized for touch screens, and integrate the mode known as Continuum (for connecting the terminal on a larger display for use as a PC).
Windows 10 Pro is equivalent to Windows 10 Home edition but with additional features for SMEs (fleet management, data protection, better integration with cloud ...). It is cut for BYOD (use of personal devices for work).

Windows 10 Enterprise integrates security features and more advanced fleet management that Windows 10 Pro, designed to meet the big business issues. Microsoft Customers with Software Assurance may migrate to it without additional cost.

Windows 10 Education is designed for the education sector (with a volume licensing offer).
Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is designed terminals 8 inches and less targeting companies (also with access to a volume licensing offer).

Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro Enterprise allows both to benefit from the update service Windows Update for Business that has unveiled Microsoft to better meet businesses compatibility issues. Furthermore, the publisher announced a version of Windows 10 to the industry, as well as for editing and low cost terminals connected objects: Windows 10 IoT Core. Finally, Microsoft for the occasion recalls that migration to Windows 10 is free for Windows license holders 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 (read the details on the official blog of Windows, English). An offer which, remember, is not about business.

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