Facebook has an algorithm that can identify you back. Worrying or not?

Facebook and Google already operate both facial recognition to optimize their services. If in technology, such systems are making real progress, they also raise questions about privacy. For example, Facebook uses facial recognition Moments on his application to rearrange photos of users. But as European regulators seem not quite agree with the use of this technology (or at least with the way it is used by Facebook), Moments is currently not available in Europe.
But Facebook already looking for a way to identify someone on a photo without relying on facial details, eg back or with hidden face. This is what is revealed by the site New Scientist reports that the algo that is being experienced by Facebook recognizes a person in a photo with information other than the facial features, such as clothing, hairstyle body, etc. . Mark Zuckerberg, it is for example easy to recognize thanks to his gray T-shirt, explains Yann LeCun, a Facebook employee in charge of artificial intelligence.
Facebook The researchers collected 40,000 photographs of public Flickr photo sharing service for testing and in 83% of cases, the algorithm would have successfully identified the people on them.
For now, this is an experimental technology. But we imagine how Facebook could improve its app Moments through it. After the possibility of being identified by an artificial intelligence even when it is back or when voluntarily hides his face will not necessarily welcomed by all.

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