GxP critical UAT scenerios for testing by key users

Please find attached the UAT scenarios , segregated by week no, for the next 4 weeks of May-2013. It will cover all the UAT scenarios submitted by key users. Please note the schedule for week-1 of May-13 :

04-May-2013 à Tomorrow , it will be validation of all important data masters ( which have been identified as GXP critical). Some of the key Masters will be : Item, OPM General Master, OPM Formula, OPM Routing, OPM Quality, OPM Specifications, Customer, Supplier etc.

05-May-2013 to 09-May-2013 àIn the attached file, Key users can filter by week column with value ‘1’, to get all the scenarios that need to be tested for week-1 of May-2013.

How to read the attached file :

1. Tab-1 = The general calendar for testing UAT Scenarios. The month of May-2013 is divided into week-1,2,3,4.

2. Tab-2 = UAT Scenarios for Finance divided into 4 weeks of May-2013

3. Tab-3 = UAT Scenarios for OPM divided into 4 weeks of May-2013

4. Tab-4 = UAT Scenarios for PO_INV divided into 4 weeks of May-2013

Please send this file to the relevant stake holders. I will also explain them briefly tomorrow morning.

Please read the message from KPMG below and find the UAT schedule for the month of May, 2013 as an attachment to this email. Thanks.

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