Eye Treatment in Chennai and Kolkata

Your son appears to be suffering from intermittent divergent squint. It does need to be operated to retain good 3 D vision. The timing of surgery would depend on the level of control. If the control is not very good it needs to be operated.

You need not go to our head office Chennai for this surgery. It can be done comfortably in our Kolkata branch. The estimated cost of the surgery is about Rs 25000.

Hello, Greetings! I want some expert advise from you as you are an expert ophthalmologist of SN. My son who is 7 years old, having some eye problem. For example very often his one eye moves from the straight angle/vision. It seems, he looks at some other thing. If he watch TV or looks at me, primarily he looks straightly at me but suddenly one eye changes its angle/position. My Local Professor.  who said its need an operation to be corrected. 
According to him, my son does not have 3D view and many other problem may arise if we make late to do the operation. I am worried and don't know what to do. Could you please advise me what to do OR should I contact your Chennai Head office? Could you please give me an estimated expenditure (if u don't mind) to start the mission! Thank you in advance.

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