Some Variance Related issues to be answered

Hope this finds you in good health. Could you please check how our costing user can test Material price variance, Usage variance (product batch wise), Product volume variance and other costing related variances during UAT. For your information we have shifted from standard costing to actual costing after getting confirmation from KPMG that these will be generated from the system as part of MIS and data input related to standard in the system will be required for first time and subsequently system will fix up standards on the basis of available data in the system. 
We shall have to check whether the system works accordingly or not. Another matter please help us to check that system generates all the schedules of final accounts, we can use dummy data here.

Please find the strategy we would adopt to meet the requirements below in detail. This may take little time as I have documented with a well thought out plan in the projects best interest.

You will agree with me that these are not Day1 related reports which will stop us from performing transactions in the system. Also it will make more sense to test these analytical reports in a test instance where we have replicated at least 15 days of Production data. Request you to go through the below without a pre-conceived notion and then you will appreciate the timelines.

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