IELTS – Speaking Part-1?

Listen to the questions carefully.

Give full answers to the questions if possible but don’t predict

related questions. For example, if you are asked where you live a suitable answer would be ‘I live in the new territories – in a village just outside Delhi, called Bank Town.’

NOT I live in Delhi. It’s a really nice town with quite a large population and lots of seafood restaurants. It’s a lovely place to live as it’s in the countryside. I have lived there for ten years.’ 

How to prepare for IELTS – Speaking

like a prepared answer and the examiner’s next question might be ‘What’s Delhi  like?’.

Don’t give one or two word answers as the examiner can only rate you on what he or she hears.

• Make sure you relate what you say to what the examiner asks. For example,

Examiner: Do you like playing cricket?

You: Yes, I do but I don’t get much time to play these days.

How to prepare for Part 1

• Make a list of possible topics you could be interviewed on e.g.

  •  your home
  •  your country
  •  your job
  •  your interests
  •  your education
  •  your family
  •  food
  •  festivals
  •  clothes
  •  books
  •  films
  •  transport etc.
Write questions for each of your topics and get a friend or family  to ask you the questions or put them on an audio cassette and test yourself responding to them.

Record yourself answering the questions and listen to see how you can progress your responses.

• Make sure you know all the vocabulary necessary to talk about these topics. Practice the pronunciation of any new vocabulary.

Think about the language that will be useful e.g.

  • ways of expressing likes & dislikes
  • linkers like ‘even though’ and ‘unless’
  • tenses to talk about the past and present and your experiences
e.g. ‘I’ve never been to Africa.’ or ‘I went to Switzerland for a holiday in 2000.’

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