IELTS – Speaking Part 2?

This part gives you the opportunity to show that you can speak at length without hesitation. It is also important to show that you can organize your ideas coherently.

How to do IELTS Part 2

Read the topic card carefully.

• Use the preparation time wisely. Make sure you have understood what you need to talk about. Jot down a few points to answer the prompts on the topic card. Don’t waste time writing sentences.

Don’t write on the topic card.

• Make sure you answer both parts of the topic card – description and explanation.

• Organise your talk by following the order on the card.

• Make your talk as interesting and as lively as possible.

Refer to your notes as you talk, expanding each point you have.

• Make sure you use examples from your own life. It’s much easier to talk more fluently about your own experiences.

• Try to expand your sentences using linking words like ‘however’ and ‘although’. Don’t use words like ‘moreover’ and ‘thus’ which are normally used for writing.

Don’t hesitate for too long. Talk about anything related to the question rather than nothing at all.

Try to relax and enjoy talking about yourself!

Don’t worry about the time. The examiner will stop you when your time is up.

• Also, don’t worry if the examiner stops you before you have finished. You will not be penalized for not concluding your talk.

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