You have recently watched a new programme on TV. You like the programme but have just discovered that the TV station has moved it to a later time, when you’re unable to watch it.

Subject: Broadcast Schedule Of "Health Miracle" Programme

Dear Sir,

I write to you about the recent change in the broadcast schedule of the programme - "Health Miracle" -
from its earlier slot of 9:00 pm to the present slot of 11:00 pm. Let me first compliment you for the excellent content and presentation of this bi-weekly programme. It gives a succinct snapshot of the happenings in the health-and-fitness world. Being avid fitness enthusiasts, I and my friends at the gym relate quite well to it.
However, the shifting of the broadcast slot to such a late hour is an inconvenience. Besides my friends, I
am sure I echo the sentiments of the other fans of the programme in the locality, who have to get up early
the next morning and so cannot stay awake till so late in the night.

I appreciate your rationale behind the decision to shift the programme. However, perhaps you have
underestimated the fan-following that this programme has acquired over such a short period of time?
Given its popularity, I request you to revert back to the original broadcast schedule.

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Eric Clapton


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