You travelled by long distance bus recently and your suitcase was damaged.

You travelled by long distance bus recently and your suitcase was damaged.
Write a letter to the bus company. In your letter
- inform the bus company of when and to where you travelled
- describe your suitcase and what happened to it
- explain why the company should pay for a new suitcase

This task was taken from the book IELTS on Track: Test Practice General Training.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to require a compensation for the property damage, taken place at the time of the travelling by the bus of your company.

I travelled from Washington, D.C. to Boston by the bus #301 on February 21, 2007. Before the trip I passed my luggage to the driver, who helped me to place my suitcase in the luggage compartment of the bus. After arrival the driver opened this back compartment and the first thing I saw was that my new and brand-name suitcase was smashed under the pressure of the weight of the other’s luggage.

My suitcase was quite firm and very beautiful in its red colour and modern design. However it obviously hasn’t been designed to resist such a weight on it. I am very depressed because I can not use anymore my broken suitcase, its handle was bended and two wheels out of 4 were detached.

Since damage stated above was caused by the careless actions of your employee, I would like to require a compensation of $200, which was the original price of my suitcase. Please, deliver a cheque to the address, written above.

Faithfully yours,
Anna Lisa


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