Bad service at a shop.Write a letter to the store manager.

You recently had your computer fixed at the local computer store however you are not pleased with the service you received.
Write a letter to the store manager. In the letter
- describe the situation
- explain why you are dissatisfied
- say what you want the manager to do
Write at least 150 words.
You do NOT need to write your own address.
Begin your letter as follows: Dear Sir or Madam,

This task was taken from the Scott's English Success web-site.
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the service I received at your establishment.

Actually, the computer I have bought at your store on the late January was quite good, however after just half a year things got wrong. Some programs were getting frozen frequently. When I took my computer to your specialist and tried to explain the problem to the technician Michaels, he refused to take my computer into service because the problem did not appear that time. I was trying to convince him to spend more time to identify the reason it is getting stuck, but he was rude and impatient explaining this is the end of his shift. On the next day another technician listened to me carefully and fixed my computer in 10 minutes.

I suppose your employee Michaels is not suitable for his position because of his unprofessionalism. I suggest you to employ someone more skilled and with better personality in order not to cause your customers to loose their time like me.

Faithfully yours,
Anna Lisa


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